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Question 1: Trumpeldor's heroic death made him not only a martyr for Zionists Left but also for the ________ movement who named its youth movement Betar (an acronym for "Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor") after the fallen hero.
Menachem BeginIrgunRevisionist ZionismZionism

Question 2: ________ was among a number of prominent Jewish personalities that supported the Labor Zionist Movement.
Isaac NewtonAlbert EinsteinScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 3: Labor Zionism today has become near synonymous with the Israeli peace camp and its defining characteristic is support for a ________.
One-state solutionTwo-state solutionProposals for a Palestinian stateIsraeli–Palestinian conflict

Question 4: In 1976 it merged with the National List and the Independent Centre (a breakaway from the Free Centre) to form La'am, which remained a faction within Likud until its merger into the ________ faction in 1984.
General ZionistsHerutGahalLiberal Party (Israel)

Question 5: Labor Zionism (Labour Zionism, Hebrew: ציונות סוציאליסטית‎, tsionut sotsialistit) can be described as the major stream of the ________ of the Zionist movement.
SocialismCommunismLeft-wing politicsMarxism

Question 6: [3] However according to Ze'ev Sternhell in his book ________, the labor leaders had already abandoned socialist principles by 1920 and only used them as "mobilizing myths".
David Ben-GurionThe Founding Myths of IsraelAhdut HaAvodaHistadrut

Question 7: Prior to the 1973 elections, it joined the ________ and won 39 seats.
Benjamin NetanyahuShaul MofazTzipi LivniLikud

Question 8: Trumpeldor, an Anarcho-Communist ________, gave his life in 1920 defending the community of Tel Hai in the Upper Galilee.
CanaanismZionismAntisemitismReligious Zionism

Question 9: Another Zionist thinker, ________, was influenced by the völkisch ideas of European romantic nationalism, and proposed establishing a society of Jewish peasants.
KabbalahZionismA. D. GordonIsrael

Question 10: Labor Zionists played a leading role in the ________ and Labor Zionists were predominant among the leadership of the Israeli military for decades after the formation of the state of Israel in 1948.
Deir Yassin massacre1948 Arab–Israeli War1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaSix-Day War

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