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Labiodental consonant: Quiz


Question 1: The labiodental consonants identified by the ________ are:
International Phonetic AlphabetVoiceless alveolar fricativeX-SAMPAVelar nasal

Question 2: With most other ________, the norm are bilabial consonants (which together with labiodentals, form the class of labial consonants).
Fricative consonantStop consonantVowelManner of articulation

Question 3: In phonetics, labiodentals are ________ articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth.
Palatal consonantConsonantVelar consonantAlveolar consonant

Question 4: The only common labiodental sounds to occur ________ are the fricatives and the approximant.
English orthographyPhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonology

Question 5: The plosives are not confirmed to exist as separate ________ in any language.
International Phonetic AlphabetPhonemeEnglish orthographyPhonology


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