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Question 1: Radioactive labels The use of radioactive isotopes of chemical elements, such as ________, to allow the in vivo tracking of chemical compounds.
RadonCarbon-14OxygenRadiocarbon dating

Question 2: Special types of labels called digital labels (printed through a digital printing) can also have special constructions such as ________ tags, security printing, and sandwich process labels.
Radio-frequency identificationLondonShanghaiUnited States

Question 3: Ink and base stock color choices commonly conform to the ________ Matching System (PMS) colors.
RGB color modelPantoneColor modelNatural Color System

Question 4: A label is a piece of paper, polymer, ________, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, information concerning the product, addresses, etc.
WeavingTextile printingSilkTextile

Question 5: ________ used to attach information plates to industrial equipment

Question 6: Labels can aid in ________ and reuse by communicating the material content of the item, instructions for disassembly, recycling directions, etc.
WasteBiofuelRecyclingZero waste

Question 7: Heat activated adhesives: for example, "in-mold labeling" can be part of ________ containers and employs heat activated adhesives.
PlasticRotary wheel blow molding systemsPolyethylene terephthalateBlow molding

Question 8: Thermal - direct thermal label stock will change color (usually ________) when heated.
GreyWhiteBlackSilver (color)

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