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Laban Movement Analysis: Quiz


Question 1: The basic difference between ________ and Labanotation is how the system is perceived:
Motif descriptionLaban Movement AnalysisDance notationBartenieff Fundamentals

Question 2: Labanotation is used in a variety of settings including Laban Movement Analysis, dance notation, documentation and reconstruction, Movement analysis, ________, Human movement simulation and Human movement synthesis.
Artificial intelligenceRoboticsIndustrial robotDriverless car

Question 3: Drawing on western ________, Labannotation uses bar lines to mark time measures and double bar lines at the start and end of the movement score.
Music theoryClassical musicMusical notationMusical scale

Question 4: Those practicing ________ (International Council of Kinetography Laban) believe that the system is based on spatial analysis.
Bartenieff FundamentalsLaban Movement AnalysisDance notationMotif description

Question 5: There is one main institution dedicated to Laban's work: the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in ________ (US).
New YorkNew JerseyConnecticutMassachusetts

Question 6: Laban described a complex system of geometry based on crystalline forms, ________, and the structure of the human body.
DodecahedronPlatonic solidIcosahedronTetrahedron

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