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Question 1: In early May ________, who again held the Money in the Bank briefcase, faced Edge in a series of non-title singles matches and vowed to cash in his championship match after winning.
CM PunkGlenn JacobsJason ResoChris Jericho

Question 2: They feuded with both former champion Triple H and Jeff Hardy, who would both earn a shot at Edge's championship at ________ in December, where Hardy pinned Edge to win the championship.
Armageddon (2007)Royal Rumble (2009)Armageddon (2008)Survivor Series (2008)

Question 3: [59][59] After this, Hardy became the main contender for Edge's championship but Edge successfully defended it at ________ when Matt Hardy, who had just finished a rivalry with Jeff, hit his brother from behind.
WrestleMania XXVExtreme Rules (2009)Backlash (2009)Judgment Day (2009)

Question 4: The group consisted of the wrestler Edge and ________, who portrayed both his romantic partner and an authority figure, as well as their family and associates.
Chavo Guerrero, Jr.Matt HardyThe UndertakerVickie Guerrero

Question 5: ________ (2 times)[68] – Edge
Adam CopelandWWE ChampionshipWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWorld Heavyweight Championship (WWE)

Question 6: That Sunday at ________ Hawkins and Ryder won the WWE Tag Team Championship in a Four Way match.
SummerSlam (2008)Unforgiven (2008)The Great American Bash (2008)The Bash (2009)

Question 7: [29] Following this Batista set his sights on Edge and avoided being banished himself by beating ________ to earn a title match.
The Great KhaliJohn CenaCM PunkThe Undertaker

Question 8: Big Show kept Undertaker at bay from Vickie until November where, at ________, Undertaker beat him in a Casket Match.
Survivor Series (2009)Cyber Sunday (2008)Survivor Series (2007)Survivor Series (2008)

Question 9: [44] At ________, Big Show came to the ring to voice his frustration at Vickie for keeping him out of the main event match.
Unforgiven (2007)WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsSummerSlam (2008)Unforgiven (2008)

Question 10: [22][23] Despite this help and Vickie's power, both Edge and Chavo failed to win back their titles at ________, with Edge being stretchered out after again submitting to the eventual Hell's Gate.
Backlash (2007)Judgment Day (2008)WrestleMania XXIVBacklash (2008)


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