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La-Mulana: Quiz


Question 1: The game is a traditional action-adventure game, reminiscent of the ________ and Metroid games.
Castlevania (video game)Castlevania: The ArcadeCastlevaniaCastlevania (Nintendo 64 video game)

Question 2:
La-Mulana, Civilization V and Dead Rising 2 are all:
Wii games Windows games Platform games Freeware games

Question 3:
La-Mulana, Slaves to Armok II: Dwarf Fortress and SimCity are all:
Freeware games Windows games Platform games Wii games

Question 4:
La-Mulana, FIFA 11 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are all:
Wii games Platform games Windows games Freeware games

Question 5: Mother: The ________ of La-Mulana, she is largely a mystery at the beginning of the game.
Mother goddessHinduismKaliGaia (mythology)

Question 6: La-Mulana is a side scrolling platform game released in 2005 for Windows PCs that features graphics and an interface inspired by ________ games.
Floppy diskHome computerMSXZilog Z80

Question 7: The protagonist of the game is a whip wielding adventurer similar to ________ exploring the tomb within La-Mulana.
Indiana Jones (franchise)Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana JonesThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Question 8: Many powerups will allow you to reach new areas (similar to ________), but the game gives no indication of where to go.
Metroid PrimeMetroid FusionSuper MetroidMetroid: Zero Mission

Question 9: Ellmac: Guardian of the Temple of the Sun, Ellmac is an enormous ________ whom the player fights on a mine cart dash through the Temple.
AgamidaeFrill-necked LizardSquamataReptile

Question 10:
La-Mulana, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and The Oregon Trail (video game) are all:
Wii games WiiWare games Freeware games Windows games

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