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Question 1: LM hash, LanMan, or LAN Manager hash is one of the formats that Microsoft LAN Manager and ________ versions previous to Windows Vista use to store user passwords that are fewer than 15 characters long.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsDirectXInternet Information Services

Question 2: NTLM added Unicode support, the ________ cipher (which does not require any padding or truncating that would simplify the key).
Symmetric-key algorithmRC4Initialization vectorT-function

Question 3: This type of hash is the only type of encryption used in Microsoft LAN Manager (hence the name) and versions of Windows up to ________.
Windows VistaWindows 9xWindows MeMicrosoft Windows

Question 4: The user’s ________ password is converted to uppercase.
ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252ASCIICode page 437

Question 5: Many legacy CIFS implementations support LM Hashing, and can be a reason in organisations for LM Hashing still being required on clients for backward compatibility, even where it is disabled in ________ itself.
Microsoft WindowsActive DirectoryDirectXInternet Explorer

Question 6: Attacks: Collision attack | ________ | Preimage attack | Rainbow table | Side channel attack | Brute force attack
Cryptographic hash functionNESSIEMD5Birthday attack

Question 7: It is also supported in more recent Windows versions for ________, although in Windows Vista and later it must explicitly be enabled for use as it is turned off by default.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemBackward compatibilityWiiNintendo

Question 8: Each of these keys is used to DES-encrypt the constant ________ string “KGS!@#$%”, resulting in two 8-byte ciphertext values.
ASCIICode page 437Windows-1252ISO/IEC 8859-1

Question 9: These values are used to create two DES keys, one from each 7-byte half, by converting the seven bytes into a bit stream, and inserting a ________ after every seven bits.
Computer data storageParity bitError detection and correctionASCII

Question 10: To address the security weaknesses inherent in LM encryption, Microsoft introduced the ________ algorithm with Windows NT 3.1.
Integrated Windows AuthenticationLM hashSamba (software)NTLM

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