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LGBT rights in South Korea: Quiz


Question 1: On December 19th 2007, ________ of the conservative Grand National Party won the presidential election.
Barack ObamaDmitry MedvedevFelipe CalderónLee Myung-bak

Question 2: [1] The earliest such recorded example might be that of King Hyegong, the 36th ruler of the ________ who was killed at the age of 22 by his noblemen who revolted in protest of his "femininity".

Question 3: Some of these organizations also work to prevent the spread of ________-HIV.
ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDSAIDS dementia complexHerpes simplex

Question 4: The modern South Korean ________ rights movement arose in the 1990s, with several small organizations seeking to combat sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.
Third genderHomosexualityGayLGBT

Question 5: [2]; see also "Hyegong-wang" (惠恭王) in ________ Silla Bon-gi.
GoguryeoSamguk SagiBalhaeBaekje

Question 6: The ________ practices censorship of gay-content websites through its Information and Communications Ethics Committee(정보통신윤리위원회), an official organ of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Politics of BhutanGovernment of KazakhstanPolitics of EgyptGovernment of South Korea

Question 7: The 2005 South Korean film ________ is a homosexual-themed movie based on a court affair between a king and his male jester.
SeopyeonjePeppermint CandyJoint Security Area (film)The King and the Clown

Question 8: Interestingly, the Korean title for ________ is "왕의 남자" which translates as "The King's Man" with the implication that it refers to the man as being the King's lover.
SeopyeonjeJoint Security Area (film)Peppermint CandyThe King and the Clown

Question 9: South Korean political parties tend to avoid formally addressing ________ rights issues, as do most of the elected politicians.
Third genderHomosexualityLGBTGay

Question 10: The Military Penal Code does not make a distinction between consensual and non-consensual crimes and names consensual intercourse between homosexual adults as "reciprocal rape" (________: 상호강간; Hanja: 相互强姦).
HangulBrāhmī scriptAlphabetHebrew alphabet

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