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LGBT characters in video games: Quiz


Question 1: The commercial success of both games (and their numerous ________) does suggest that male gamers are willing to play a female character.
Star WarsSequelStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenacePrequel

Question 2: One of the family members, named Hector, was openly ________.
BisexualityGaySexual orientationHomosexuality

Question 3: It should be kept in mind, that ________ is openly homosexual as well and has created plenty of characters with a certain disposition towards Sadomasochism of every sexual orientation.
Clive BarkerHellraiserWeaveworldRazorline

Question 4: [1] Likewise, Sega's Streets of Rage 3 removed a gay villain, stated by his ________ attire, and transformed a transsexual villain into a man with long hair.
Y.M.C.A. (song)Victor WillisCan't Stop the MusicVillage People

Question 5: Among the changes was the removal of the boss named Ash (with a straight character named Shiva replacing him) whose homosexuality was explicitly established by the "________" attire that he wore.
Village PeopleVictor WillisY.M.C.A. (song)Can't Stop the Music

Question 6: The role of character's sexual orientation or ________ in the industry has been important.
Gender identityTranssexualismTransgenderThird gender

Question 7: Nintendo-published ________ for the Nintendo GameCube also features a transgendered character, of sorts.
WiiBaten Kaitos OriginsBaten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost OceanMonolith Soft

Question 8: Squaresoft's SNES RPG, ________, featured a major villain who was prominently transgendered.
Chrono CrossFinal Fantasy IVChrono (series)Chrono Trigger

Question 9: In ________, an unnamed minor character can be encountered in a bar; during conversation, there is a strong implication that the character is a transvestite.
Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy X

Question 10: ________ has had several bisexual and/or homosexual characters in their RPGs.
Baldur's GateBioWareNeverwinter NightsInfinity Engine

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