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LC circuit: Quiz


Question 1: Positive feedback around the tuned circuit ("regeneration") can also increase selectivity (see Q multiplier and ________).
Reginald FessendenVacuum tubeAmplitude modulationRegenerative circuit

Question 2: A capacitor stores energy in the ________ between its plates, depending on the voltage across it, and an inductor stores energy in its magnetic field, depending on the current through it.
Maxwell's equationsElectric fieldLorentz forceElectromagnetism

Question 3: ________ (constant R) filter
Zobel networkConstant k filterButterworth filterElectronic filter

Question 4: The word ________ refers to a class of phenomena in which a small driving perturbation gives rise to a large effect in the system.
Mechanical resonanceQ factorResonatorResonance

Question 5: ________ (Security Tags).
Radio-frequency identificationElectronic article surveillanceCapacitorFerromagnetism

Question 6: When connected together, an ________ can alternate between them at the circuit's resonant frequency.
Electric chargeElectric currentMaxwell's equationsMagnetic field

Question 7: For a model incorporating resistance see ________.
RLC circuitConstant k filterRL circuitRC circuit

Question 8: They are key components in many applications such as ________, filters, tuners and frequency mixers.
OscillationElectronic oscillatorHarmonic oscillatorVibration

Question 9: An LC circuit is a resonant circuit or tuned circuit that consists of an inductor, represented by the letter L, and a ________, represented by the letter C.
CapacitanceElectrical impedanceCapacitorElectronic component

Question 10: where L is the inductance in Henries, and C is the ________ in Farads.
Maxwell's equationsCapacitanceCoulomb's lawMagnetism


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