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L'Isle-aux-Allumettes, Quebec: Quiz


Question 1: In 1650, this native population was almost entirely exterminated by the ________.
Seneca nationIroquoisMohawk nationFrench and Indian War

Question 2: The ________ first occupied the site in order to maintain control of trade on the Ottawa River.
AlgonquinOntarioOjibweFirst Nations

Question 3: The name "Allumettes" (literally meaning "________") was fist given to the rapids south-east of the island.

Question 4: For this reason, ________ named it Isle des Algoumequins during his trip of 1613.
Samuel de ChamplainNative Americans in the United StatesPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)Wampanoag

Question 5: The municipality consists primarily of Allumette Island (in French Île aux Allumettes), and also includes Morrison Island, Marcotte Island, and some minor islets, all in the ________ north of Pembroke, Ontario.
Detroit RiverOttawa RiverLake NipissingSaint Lawrence River

Question 6: An explanation was offered that the circles were ________, but this seems unlikely as they take years to achieve such a size and the witness insisted the markings were not there the day before.
Fairy paintingFairy ringDwarfElf


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