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Lötschberg Base Tunnel: Quiz


Question 1: It is the longest land tunnel in the world, accommodating both passenger and freight trains, and running between Frutigen, Berne and Raron, ________.
VaudHelvetic RepublicSwitzerlandValais

Question 2: Completing the tunnel is estimated to cost about a billion ________.
Swiss francPound sterlingBelgian francFrench franc

Question 3: Of the 110 trains which pass the base tunnel, 30 are passenger trains and 80 are freight trains, including both ________ as well as heavy freight trains.
ContainerizationContainer shipOil tankerIntermodal freight transport

Question 4: Along with the ________, this is part of the Swiss AlpTransit initiative.
GotthardbahnLötschberg Base TunnelGotthard Base TunnelSwitzerland

Question 5: The warmth of the water flowing out of the tunnel is used to heat the Tropenhaus Frutigen, a tropical greenhouse producing exotic fruit, sturgeon meat and ________.
RussiaBeluga (sturgeon)CaviarEurope

Question 6: It also cuts down travel time for German tourists heading for Swiss ski resorts and puts the Valais into commuting distance to ________ due to a travel time reduction by 50%.

Question 7: [4] Currently from South to North one third of the tunnel is ________, one third single track with the second bore in place, and one third with only one single track railway tunnel, the parallel exploration adit providing emergency egress.
Train stationClassification yardDouble trackRailway station layout

Question 8: Due to the soaring costs of the AlpTransit initiative, funds have had to be diverted to the more prestigious ________; therefore the Lötschberg Base Tunnel is only half finished.
SwitzerlandGotthard PassGotthard Base TunnelGotthardbahn


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