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Question 1: On the one hand, she is shown to be fiercely loyal to the people of ________, and to the men under her command.
Mobile Suit GundamZeonUniversal CenturyOne Year War

Question 2: Many of her actions, however, can also be interpreted as those of a charismatic, but utterly merciless manipulator of the highest order, preparing for a military ________.
SiegeChemical warfareCoup d'étatWar

Question 3: Kycilia was quick to adapt to the changing technology of the One Year War, and was equally proficient in gathering intelligence for use against the ________.
Earth FederationMobile Suit GundamMobile Suit Zeta GundamUniversal Century

Question 4: She appears in the arcade and home versions of Federation vs. Zeon DX for ________ players whenever they acquire 4-star suits, captured enemy suits, or achieve specific combat objectives.
Universal CenturyMobile Suit GundamOne Year WarZeon

Question 5: He refers to himself as her knight, and uses the symbol of a ________ as a dedication to her.
DeerWild boarCattleUnicorn

Question 6: In the Tactical Roleplaying Game ________ series, Kycilia frequently appears as a dangerous enemy, although after her defeat she can often be hired for individual battles by the player.
MS Saga: A New DawnSD Gundam G GenerationBB Senshi SangokudenSuper Deformed Gundam

Question 7: Her activities during the first half of the One Year War are poorly documented, and neither she nor her forces encountered the ________ or its crew until much later.
Mobile Suit GundamWhite BaseNewtypeUniversal Century

Question 8: There is some debate as to the nature of her relationship with ace pilot Johnny Ridden, however, they appear to share a ________.
Courtly loveRomance (love)Chemical basis for loveStorge

Question 9: With her support, Char proceeded to form the 300th Independent Corps, gathering Newtypes from Zeon-held territory and prototype ________ Elmeth from the Flanagan Institute.
Mobile weaponsGundam modelGundamMobile Suit Gundam

Question 10: In the fictional ________ series, Kycilia Zabi (キシリア・ザビ Kishiria Zabi ?) is the only daughter of Degwin Sodo Zabi.
One Year WarUniversal CenturyMobile Suit Zeta GundamMobile Suit Gundam


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