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Kyūshū: Quiz


Question 1: The island is noted for various types of ________, including Arita, Imari, Satsuma, and Karatsu.
Chinese ceramicsSoft-paste porcelainPorcelainPottery

Question 2:
  • ________ [1] - One of seven former "Imperial Universities"
    Hokkaido UniversityTohoku UniversityKyushu UniversityKyoto University

Question 3: By population, it ranks 13th, having fewer inhabitants than ________ or Sulawesi, but more than Salsette or Cuba.
IndonesiaBorneoSoutheast AsiaMalaysia

Question 4: Today’s Kyūshū Region (九州地方 kyūshū-chihō) is a politically defined region that consists of the seven prefectures on the island of Kyūshū and also ________ to the south:
Kagoshima PrefectureYamanashi PrefectureOkinawa PrefectureRyukyu Islands

Question 5: The world’s 37th largest island by area, Kyūshū is smaller than Spitsbergen but larger than ________ and Taiwan.
Bismarck ArchipelagoPapua New GuineaNew BritainNew Ireland (island)

Question 6: Kyūshū (九州 Nine Provinces ?)[2] or Kyushu is the third largest island of ________ and most southwesterly of its four main islands.
United KingdomJapanCanadaCambodia


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