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Question 1: A theme song has also been attributed to Takakazu Abe, using homoerotic lyrics to the melody of "Balalaika", a song by former Morning Musume singer ________.
Mari YaguchiMorning Musume Tanjō 10nen KinentaiAi TakahashiKoharu Kusumi

Question 2: The short manga is a famous meme on the internet (Japanese ________ especially), largely considered the representative work of Yamakawa and responsible for the revived popularity in his works.
UsenetE-mailInstant messagingInternet forum

Question 3: [2] Parody art of the manga, usually achieved by photoshopping the characters' ________ expressions onto other images, are often seen at various imageboards.
OrgasmSexual intercourseMasturbationEjaculation

Question 4: In 2009, in a survey asking its respondents "which manga do you think is the most interesting?" in a pool of 6000, Kuso Miso Technique came at 11th, beating popular manga such as Gintama and ________.
Jimmy KudoCase ClosedCase Closed: The Private Eyes' RequiemCase Closed: Countdown to Heaven

Question 5: On Japanese forums and ________, as well as in homosexual circles, the interjection "uho!", along with other lines from his manga, is often taken in a homoerotic context for the above reason.
ImageboardProject Chanology4chanAnonymous (group)

Question 6: Abe then suggested that Michishita should empty his bladder in Abe during ________, and Michishita did so.
Oral sexAnal–oral sexSexual intercourseAnal sex

Question 7: The man, Takakazu Abe, then unzips his jumpsuit and exposes his ________, asking Masaki, "Shall we do it?" (やらないか yaranaika ?).
Reproductive systemRectumBreastPenis

Question 8: ii otoko" and "yaranaika" became known as the "Yamajun language", which became popular ________.
LolcatLeetLOLInternet slang

Question 9: ________, the cosplay wrestler, once entered the rim in Abe's eponymous jumpsuit with the parody song as background music.
Albert KrausK-1 World MAX 2009 World Championship Tournament FinalYuichiro NagashimaK-1 World MAX 2009 Japan Tournament

Question 10: [1] At the same time, Shift JIS art of the manga produced on ________ also contributed to the boom.
Imageboard2channel Shift JIS art2channel4chan

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