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Question 1: When Jintetsu finally dies of ________, the former samurai brings him back to his home and actually manages to revive him.
PurpuraBruiseBleedingGastrointestinal bleeding

Question 2: Although he also managed to repair most of the killer's nerves and motor functions, he is unable to repair his ________ and right eye, slightly impairing the swordsman's abilities and making him mute.
Respiratory systemLarynxVocal foldsVestibular fold

Question 3: Kurogane (黒鉄 Black Steel ?), also known as Black Steel, is a ________ series written and illustrated by manga artist Kei Toume.
Shōjo mangaMangaManga outside JapanYaoi

Question 4: After getting revenge on his father's murderer, Jintetsu is forced to constantly flee from ________ who wish to collect the price on his head.
Bounty hunterClint EastwoodWestern (genre)United States

Question 5: He then uses the sword he had given him as a ________, and begins to walk away from the scene.
EnglandHeadstoneCemeteryUnited Kingdom

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