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Question 1: Kure is the northern-most coral ________ in the world.
Volcanic arcAtollCurrent sea level riseMarginal sea

Question 2: 2005 – Event call sign: K7C – Expedition website  – The team consisted of 12 amateur radio operators from the United States, ________, and Germany.
CanadaUnited KingdomBelizeBarbados

Question 3: The ________ lies approximately 100 miles (87 nmi/160 km) to the west.
Prime MeridianLongitudeTime zoneInternational Date Line

Question 4: Barring unforeseen evolution or ________, it will then begin to join the other volcanic and reef-topped remnants of the Hawaiian-Emperor Chain to the northwest, all of which are now seamounts.
Kyoto ProtocolGlobal warming controversyScientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming

Question 5: As Kure continues to be slowly carried along to the northwest by the motion of the Pacific Plate, it will move into waters too cool for ________ and coralline algae growth to keep up with isostatic subsidence of the mountain.
GorgonianCoral reefCoralScleractinia


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