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Kunoichi: Quiz


Question 1: A male has nine, a female has one more (________) and possesses the skills to make use of this orifice as well.
ClitorisFemale ejaculationVaginaPenis

Question 2: Kunoichi (くノ一 ?) is the term for a female ________[1] or practitioner of ninpo.
SamuraiNinja in popular cultureJapanNinja

Question 3: Another theory asserts that the term is ________ and coined in the writings of Ninpōchō novelist Futaro Yamada.
ApocryphaBibleBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 4: The "くノ一" writing requires the use of one character from each Japanese system of writing[3] — first ________, then katakana, then kanji.
HiraganaGojūonMan'yōganaRegular script

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