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Kulturkampf: Quiz


Question 1: When the ________ was founded in 1871, the bulk of the empire was constituted from the Prussian-led Protestant states of the former North German Confederation.
German colonial empireHoly Roman EmpireGerman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 2: [10] The ________ also claims that the Kulturkampf was instigated by Masonic lodges.
United StatesPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchCatholic Encyclopedia

Question 3: Tensions were also increased by the 1870 Vatican Council proclamation on ________.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPapal infallibility

Question 4: The Catholic Church still had a strong influence on many parts of life, though, even in Bismarck's ________ Prussia.
Christian denominationProtestantismBaptistChristianity

Question 5: It is generally accepted amongst historians that the Kulturkampf measures targeted the Catholic Church under ________ with discriminatory sanctions.
Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVPope Pius XPope Pius IX

Question 6: In 1872, the ________ were banned (and remained banned in Germany until 1917) and in December the German government broke off diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
Dominican OrderCongregation of the Most Holy RedeemerSociety of JesusConventual Franciscans

Question 7: Bismarck's attempts to restrict the power of the Catholic Church, represented in politics by the ________, were not entirely successful.
Nazi PartyCentre Party (Germany)Helmut KohlKonrad Adenauer

Question 8: Catholic South German states also joined the empire, but the odds were for the Protestants as ________, the largest Catholic South German state, was excluded from the empire.
AustriaHungaryPolandCzech Republic

Question 9: Since the Protestant reformation, the German states were divided into ________ states in the North and Roman Catholic states in the South.
ProtestantismBaptistChristianityChristian denomination

Question 10: There were also significant Catholic populations in eastern parts of Germany (mainly Poles), the Rhineland and in ________.
BadenAlsace-LorraineStrasbourgGerman Empire


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