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Question 1: After the death of the last count of Orlamünde the region fell to the ________ state.
House of BourbonHouse of HohenzollernHouse of HabsburgHohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Question 2: When the Hohenzollern family was awarded the margravate of ________, these states were called Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Kulmbach, but not united with Brandenburg proper.

Question 3: In 1398 the Hohenzollern state was divided, and in the Franconian area the two states of ________ and Kulmbach were founded.

Question 4: the black and white pattern of the ________ family
House of BourbonHouse of HohenzollernHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Habsburg

Question 5: The last margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (as Brandenburg-Kulmbach was called now) abdicated in 1792 in order to cede his property to his cousin, the king of ________.
German EmpireEast PrussiaHamburgPrussia

Question 6: In 1603 the castle of Plassenburg was abandoned, and the capital was moved to the city of ________.
Bayreuth (district)NurembergBayreuthMunich


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