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Kudu: Quiz


Question 1: Kudus are highly susceptible to the rinderpest virus, and many scientists think recurring epidemics of the disease have reduced kudu populations in East ________.
African UnionScramble for AfricaAfricaSub-Saharan Africa

Question 2: The name of the animal was imported into English in the 18th century from isiXhosa iqudu, via ________ koedoe.
English languageZulu languageAfrikaansDutch language

Question 3: It is mostly seen in the Western world in its use as a part of the ________ movement's Wood Badge training program which, when blown, signals the start of a Wood Badge training course or activity.
ScoutingScout MottoInternational Scout and Guide FellowshipScouting controversy and conflict

Question 4: Lesser Kudus come from the savannas near ________ and commiphora shrubs.
FabaceaeAlbiziaAcaciaSouth Africa

Question 5: At 3 or 4 ________ the calf will be with its mother constantly, and at about 6 months they will permanently join the group.
Julian calendarIslamic calendarMonthGregorian calendar


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