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Krukenberg tumor: Quiz


Question 1: Krukenberg tumors are most commonly seen in middle-aged and elderly females, around or following ________.
Menstrual cycleFollicular phaseMenopauseOvulation

Question 2: However, this remains a controversy, as cases in ________ always showed omental spread and peritoneal seedlings in patients with Krukenberg tumors.
United StatesMacauPhilippinesHong Kong

Question 3: Other tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (including, significantly, ________) have been known to cause Krukenberg tumors, and recent case-reports of Krukenberg tumors originating from tumors of the tip of the appendix have appeared in the medical literature.
Stomach cancerHepatocellular carcinomaColorectal cancerCrohn's disease

Question 4: A metastatic tumor originating in the breast may also fit the category of Krukenberg tumor if it expresses intracellular mucin and displays positive immunohistochemical staining with ________ markers [4].
MicrovillusHistologyStratified squamous epitheliumEpithelium

Question 5: A Krukenberg tumor, also Krukenberg tumour, classically refers to a ________ ovarian malignancy whose primary site arose in the gastrointestinal tract or breast.
Cancer stagingCancerHead and neck cancerMetastasis

Question 6: Metastatic cancer of the ovary accounts for only about 5% of ________; in the remainder, the ovary is the primary cancer site.
Endometrial cancerCervical cancerOvarian cancerFallopian tube cancer

Question 7: Although a Krukenberg tumor is most commonly a metastasis from a gastric cancer (usually an ________), this is not always the case.
ICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsAdenocarcinomaSquamous cell carcinomaCarcinoid

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