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Kronosaurus: Quiz


Question 1: The holotype specimen of the ________ K. queenslandicus was described by Longman in 1924, and is currently in the Queensland Museum.
LifeBiological classificationSpeciesEvolution

Question 2: Kronosaurus (pronounced Kroe-noe-sore-uss) ("lizard of Kronos") is an ________ genus of short-necked pliosaur.
Holocene extinctionConservation biologyExtinctionEvolution

Question 3: It was also included in the novel ________ by Robert T. Bakker and In the Time of the Dinosaurs by K. A. Applegate.
DeinonychusRaptor RedIguanodonThe Lost World (Crichton novel)

Question 4: [1] Hampe described a second species, K. boyacensis, in 1992 from ________.
Quindío DepartmentValle del Cauca DepartmentColombiaColombian armed conflict (1964–present)

Question 5: Kronosaurus lived in the Early Cretaceous Period (Aptian-________).

Question 6: However, they lack carinae (cutting edges) and the distinct trihedral (three facets) of Pliosaurus and ________ teeth.


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