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Question 1: In 1982, the CCAMLR (Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) came into force, as part of the ________.
Antarctic Treaty SystemAntarcticaAmundsen-Scott South Pole StationVostok Station

Question 2: With the demise of the Soviet Union, two of its successor nations, ________ and Ukraine, took over the operations.
Russian cultureMoscowRussiaUnited States

Question 3: Their ________ amounts to some 2% of dry weight of chitin.
SpongeArthropodExoskeletonSmall shelly fauna

Question 4: Most krill is processed to produce fish food for use in aquariums and ________.
Wild fisheriesShrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureAquaculture

Question 5: The Krill fishery is the commercial fishery of ________, small shrimp-like marine animals that live in the oceans world-wide.
KrillChinook salmonWild fisheriesSillaginidae

Question 6: The Norwegian company Aker ASA entered the business in 2003 with a ship registered in ________.
VanuatuMarshall IslandsTuvaluPalau

Question 7: In Canada, fishing for E. pacifica takes place in the Strait of Georgia off ________; there is a government-imposed catch limit of 500 tonnes per year.
Pacific NorthwestAlbertaOntarioBritish Columbia

Question 8: [1] The total global harvest of krill from all fisheries amounts to 150 – 200,000 tonnes annually, mainly ________ (Euphausia superba) and North Pacific krill (E. pacifica).
Antarctic krillPlanktonCopepodAntarctica

Question 9: Most krill is used as ________ feed and fish bait; other uses include livestock or pet foods.
Wild fisheriesAquacultureShrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Question 10: [1] They must be peeled because their exoskeleton contains ________, which are toxic in high concentrations.
FluorineSodium fluorideFluoride poisoningFluoride


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