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Question 1: Among the largest and most famous metal craters in antiquity were one in the possession of the Samian tyrant Polycrates, and another one dedicated by ________ to the Delphic oracle.
Achaemenid EmpireCyrus the GreatCroesusSolon

Question 2: A krater (in Greek: κρατήρ, kratēr, from the verb κεράννυμι, keránnymi, "to mix") was a large vase used to mix wine and water in ________.
Classical antiquityAlexander the GreatAncient GreeceRoman Greece

Question 3: An Attic shape (whose handles look like the volute of a capital) that lasted through the ________.
4th century BC3rd century BC5th century BC6th century BC

Question 4: In fact, ________'s Odyssey[1] describes a steward drawing wine from a krater at a banquet and then running to and fro pouring the wine into guests' drinking cups.
Classical antiquityAncient GreeceTroyHomer

Question 5: This form was invented in Corinth, but was taken over by the ________, where it is typically black-figure.

Question 6: Probably invented by ________ in about 525 BC, this form remembers the calyx of flowers, with low handles protruding from the base of the bowl.
Black-figure potteryExekiasRed-figure potteryEuphronios


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