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Kraków Ghetto: Quiz


Question 1: Western Allies trials : ________ •
West German trials : Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials •
Karl Eberhard SchöngarthErich von dem Bach-ZelewskiBruno StreckenbachEinsatzgruppen Trial

Question 2: Renowned dermatologist and co-discoverer of ________, Dr Jim (Jacob) Baral was also a Krakow Ghetto survivor.
Alzheimer's diseaseHepatic encephalopathyReye's syndromeAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Question 3: Persecution of the Jewish population of Kraków began soon after the German troops entered the city in September 1, 1939 during the Nazi German ________.
Invasion of PolandEastern Front (World War II)History of Poland (1939–1945)Warsaw Uprising

Question 4: ________  : Operation Reinhard • Auschwitz • Belzec • Chelmno • Majdanek • Sobibor • Treblinka
Holocaust denialThe HolocaustExtermination campEinsatzgruppen

Question 5: By May 1940, the Nazi occupation authority announced that Kraków should become the "cleanest" city in the ________, an occupied, but unannexed part of Poland.
Reichskommissariat UkraineGeneral GovernmentGeneralplan OstHans Frank

Question 6: Thousands of Jews were transported in the succeeding months as part of the Aktion Krakau headed by ________-Oberführer Julian Scherner.
Waffen-SSNazi PartyAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

Question 7: The Jewish Ghetto in Kraków (Cracow) was one of the five main ghettos created by Nazi Germany in the ________ during their occupation of Poland in World War II.
General GovernmentGeneralplan OstHans FrankReichskommissariat Ukraine

Question 8: The Kraków Ghetto was formally established on March 3, 1941 in the Podgórze district, not in the Jewish district of ________.
KazimierzWawelJagiellonian UniversityKraków Old Town

Question 9: Movie director ________, a survivor of the Ghetto, evoked his childhood experiences in his memoir, Roman.
TessRoman PolanskiRosemary's Baby (film)Oliver Twist (2005 film)

Question 10: In recognition of his heroic deeds in rescuing Jews from the Ghetto he was awarded the title of ________ by Yad Vashem.
NetherlandsRighteous among the NationsThe HolocaustGermany


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