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Kowloon: Quiz


Question 1:
The population density of Kowloon: How many people are there per square kilometre?

Question 2: It had a ________ of 2,019,533 and a population density of 43,033/km2 in 2006.
OverpopulationPopulation growthPopulationWorld population

Question 3:

Question 4:
What time offset in UTC is Kowloon in during daylight savings?
-8 to -6

Question 5:
What is the total population of Kowloon?

Question 6: West Kowloon was once home to a dockyard for the ________ and is now used as a typhoon shelter.
HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)

Question 7: Kowloon (English pronunciation: /ˌkaʊˈluːn/) is an urban area in ________, comprising the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon.
MacauHong KongUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 8: Due to Kowloon's close proximity to ________, building constructions were limited by flight paths.
Beijing Capital International AirportKai Tak AirportShanghai Pudong International AirportHong Kong International Airport

Question 9: ________
List of mountains, peaks and hills in Hong KongList of areas of Hong KongConservation in Hong KongGeography of Hong Kong

Question 10: In modern day conversations, however, New Kowloon is often not regarded as part of the ________, but as an integral part of the Kowloon urban area on both sides of Boundary Street.
Hong Kong IslandNew TerritoriesHong KongSha Tin District

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