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Question 1: The other chief sources of the island's wealth lay in its wines, and in later days, in its ________ manufacture.
SpandexLinenSilkKente cloth

Question 2:
What license is Kos distributed under?
u039Au03A7, u03A1u039F, PK
Proprietary with GNU GPL Ambient user interface
Apache License v2.0
Mozilla Public License

Question 3: British and German forces then clashed for control of the island in the ________, in which the Germans were victorious.
Battle of KosBattle of LerosDodecaneseDodecanese Campaign

Question 4: ________ (5th century BC), "father of medicine"
Ancient GreeceHippocratesAncient Greek medicineAristotle

Question 5: The island is part of a chain of mountains from which it became separated after ________ and subsidence that occurred in ancient times.
LandslideS-waveEarthquakeGeotechnical engineering

Question 6:
How many metres above sea level is Kos?
506 m

Question 7:
What is the capital of Kos?
not applicable

Question 8: Kos has one of the four ________ in the entire Dodecanese.
Catholic ChurchBishopCathedralPrimate (religion)

Question 9: The ________ is no longer used for religious ceremonies as the Jewish community of Kos was practically wiped out by the Nazis in World War II.
Spanish and Portuguese JewsSephardi JewsSynagogueAshkenazi Jews

Question 10: Two hundred years later the Knights faced the threat of a Turkish invasion and abandoned the island to the ________ in 1523.
Ottoman EmpireIstanbulTurkish peopleTurkey


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