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Question 1: Korean culture in Kazakhstan is centered in ________, the former capital.
AlmatyPavlodar ProvinceBaikonurAstana

Question 2: There are also large Korean communities in southern Russia (around Volgograd), the ________, and southern Ukraine.
Georgia (country)EuropeAsiaCaucasus

Question 3: It is estimated that ________ from South Korea to Uzbekistan exceed $100 million annually.
RemittanceMoroccoUnited KingdomPhilippines

Question 4: In the former Soviet countries, many inhabitants, notably the Turkic peoples, had suffixes ov or ova added to their surnames; examples include presidents Nursultan Nazarbayev and ________.
Sharof RashidovSobir KamolovInomjon Usmonxo‘jayevIslam Karimov

Question 5: The car manufacturer ________ set up a joint venture (August 1992) and a factory in Asaka, Andizhan province, in Uzbekistan.
DaewooChaebolGM DaewooSouth Korea

Question 6: Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, ________, others[2]
Christian denominationBaptistProtestantismEcumenism

Question 7: [3] In 1919, the March First Movement for Korean independence was supported by Korean leaders who gathered in ________'s Sinhanchon (literally, "New Korean Village") neighborhood.

Question 8: [28] For example, Kim Jong-il was registered as Yuri Irsenovich Kim (Юрий Ирсенович Ким) in Soviet records, where the "Irsen" in the patronymic was the Cyrillization of the given name of his father ________.
Joseph StalinMao ZedongKim Il-sungCold War

Question 9: [13] About one-fourth reside in ________ and the Russian Far East; the Korean population there trace their roots back to a variety of sources.
Ural MountainsNorth AsiaSiberiaRunet

Question 10: Having no romantic prospects in South Korea, they opt to go through an international ________ agency, which sends them to Uzbekistan and tries to match them with Korean women there.
VietnamMail-order brideUnited StatesRussia


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