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Question 1:
When was the Korean War?
July 2009

Question 2: [38] Moreover, President Rhee's régime expelled communists and ________ from southern national politics.
Left-wing politicsMarxismCommunismSocialism

Question 3: On 5 October 1950, under ________ and Peng Dehuai's pressure, the Chinese Communist Central Committee had finalized the decision of military intervention in Korea.
Zhou EnlaiMao ZedongChiang Kai-shekDeng Xiaoping

Question 4: The Uri Party practiced a "________" towards North Korea; the US often disagreed with the Uri Party and (former) ROK Pres.
Sunshine PolicyHuman rights in South KoreaSouth Korean legislative election, 2004Korean reunification

Question 5: Mackiernan was posthumously awarded the CIA ________ for valor.
Special Activities DivisionVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyIntelligence Star

Question 6: On 20 August 1950, Premier ________ informed the United Nations that “Korea is China’s neighbor ...
Chiang Kai-shekMao ZedongZhou EnlaiDeng Xiaoping

Question 7: As with the ideological raisons d’être fueling the Korean War, the combatants—North Korea, South Korea, the US, and the UN each treated prisoners of war (POWs) differently; notwithstanding the ________.
International humanitarian lawGeneva ConventionsHuman rightsUniversal jurisdiction

Question 8: As the ________, General John R. Hodge directly controlled South Korea via the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK 1945–48).

Question 9: The Korean War (1950–53) was the first proxy war in the ________ (1945–91), the prototype of the following sphere-of-influence wars, e.g.
Cold WarVietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 10: MacArthur, recommended an amphibious landing at ________, behind the KPA lines.
IncheonSeoul National Capital AreaSeoulBusan

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