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Korčula: Quiz


Question 1: After the writings of Pope Martin IV in 1284 and ________ in 1286 to the Archbishop of Dubrovnik, the Archbishop implaced a certain Petar as Bishop of Ston and Korčula - stacnensis ac Crozolensis.
Pope Clement VIIPope Honorius IVPope Alexander IVPope Alexander VI

Question 2: From 1776 to 1797 Korčula succeeded ________ as the main Venetian fortified arsenal in this region.

Question 3: The Christianization of the Croats began in the ________, but the early Slavic rural inhabitants of the island may well have fully accepted Christianity later.
10th century9th century11th century8th century

Question 4: Ferries connect the city of Korčula with Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula and Drvenik on the mainland (near ________).
MakarskaSplit (city)Hvar (city)Gradac

Question 5: The main Croatian ferry operator Jadrolinija runs a service linking Korčula Town with Rijeka, Split, Hvar, Mljet and ________ [35].

Question 6: It was ruled by Italy in 1918 - 1921, after which it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes; known as the ________ from 1929.
SerbiaKingdom of YugoslaviaCroatiaSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Question 7: Maksimilijan Vanka (1889–1963), ________ painter who had a house in Korčula [3]
Slovene AmericansCroatian AmericanPolish AmericanBosnian American

Question 8: In 1571 it defended itself so gallantly against the Ottoman attackers at the ________ [2] that it obtained the designation Fidelissima from the Pope.
Algiers expedition (1541)Battle of Preveza (1538)Battle of Lepanto (1571)Battle of Djerba

Question 9: In the ________, Korčula was conquered by a Venetian nobleman, Pepone Zorzi, and incorporated it briefly into the Venetian Republic.
13th century10th century12th century11th century

Question 10: The island became part of the ________ of Illyricum [8] after the Illyrian Wars.
Roman provinceRoman BritainHispaniaGallia Belgica


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