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Koppers: Quiz


Question 1: The five main chemicals that are produced are coal pitch for steel and aluminum production, carbon black for rubber vulcanization, ________ for wood treatment, and naphthalene and phthalic anhydride for plastics and polyester.
CresolCoal tarCreosotePhenol

Question 2: Koppers is a global chemical and materials company based in Downtown Pittsburgh, ________, United States in an art-deco 1920's skyscraper, the Koppers Tower.
New JerseyNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaConnecticut

Question 3: The official Koppers corporate brochure contains several ________ describing the company.

Question 4: The company further operates coke ovens in ________, People's Republic of China, and has co-located facilities near the operations of major steel makers.

Question 5: The Company owns its own coke oven battery in ________.
Lower Burrell, PennsylvaniaJeannette, PennsylvaniaMonessen, PennsylvaniaGreensburg, Pennsylvania

Question 6: The Board of Directors intends to pay an annual ________ of $0.68 a share to shareholders.
Return on equityFinancial ratioDividendEV/EBITDA

Question 7: These chemical operations later were the basis for forming a new corporate entity with ________ to form the Sinclair-Koppers Company in 1965.
IllinoisDenverSinclair Oil CorporationOklahoma


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