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Question 1: Under the royal family, the ________ administered the government, led the armies, and governed large population centres.
NobilityGentrySocial classSerfdom

Question 2: The ________ then opened up its markets and restored trading with Burma in 1788 after reconciliation.
Yuan DynastyQing DynastyChinaMing Dynasty

Question 3: At various times, the ________ states paid tribute to the Konbaung Dynasty, but unlike the Mon lands, were never directly controlled by the Burmese.
ShanBurmaThai peopleLao people

Question 4: The Konbaung Dynasty (1752-________), sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by British colonial rulers, was the last in the history of the Burmese monarchy.

Question 5: Thenceforth peaceful and friendly relations prevailed between China and ________ for a long time.

Question 6: [2] Captives from ________ formed the cavalry called Kathè myindat (Cassay Horse) and also Kathè a hmyauk tat (Cassay Artillery)) in the royal Burmese army.

Question 7: A rare meeting with the last of Burma's royals ________, Feb 26 2008
The IndependentThe TimesThe GuardianThe Daily Telegraph

Question 8: Outside of hereditary positions, there were two primary paths to influence: joining the military (min hmu-daan) and joining the Buddhist ________ in the monasteries.
SanghaBhikkhuniBuddhist monasticismBuddhism

Question 9: Subject to later wars and treaties with the British, the modern state of ________ can trace its current borders to these events.

Question 10: In the defence of its realm, the dynasty fought four wars successfully against the Qing Dynasty of ________ which saw the threat of the expansion of Burmese power in the East.
ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in China


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