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Komuz: Quiz


Question 1: It was derided as rudimentary and attempts were made to make it more like the ________ balalaika, notably by adding frets.
Russian cultureRussian diasporaUkraineRussians

Question 2:
 Plucked instruments:    Kanun  • Çeng  • ________  • Ud  • Cümbüş  • Saz  • Baglama  • Komuz  • Shahrud  • Rud

Question 3: [3] The five-string kopuz is also thought to have transformed into the six-string instrument known as the sestar or seshane by 13th-century mystic ________.
Amir KhusrowRumiMasnaviSaadi (poet)

Question 4: The komuz is generally made from a single piece of wood (usually ________ or juniper) and has three strings traditionally made out of gut, and often from fishing line in modern times.

Question 5: The word komuz is cognate to the names of other instruments in the Music of Central Asia, including the ________ kobyz (Uzbek qo'biz) (bowed instruments), and the Tuvan and Sakha or Yakut xomus (a Jew's harp).
Kazakh languageKazakhsTurkic peoplesKazakhstan

Question 6: The golcha gopuz was mentioned in the ancient epic ________.
Book of Dede KorkutOghuz TurksTurkic peoplesAzerbaijan

Question 7: The golcha gopuz is made from a ________ covering which covered around two-thirds of the surface, and the other third is covered with thin wood along with the sound board.
ButtonLeatherWoolLeather skirt

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