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Question 1: The second Komodo is a female trainee for the ________.
Fifty State InitiativeVermontAvengers: The InitiativeCamp Hammond (comics)

Question 2: When Komodo completed her Initiative training, she was assigned to ________, as a part of the Desert Stars team.

Question 3: [5] She later appears with the rest of her new team during the ________.
Avengers (comics)Secret InvasionDark Reign (comics)Avengers Disassembled

Question 4: During their "field trip" to Texas to save the President from ________ she performed very well[3], and was activated for field work.
Secret War (comics)HYDRAS.H.I.E.L.D.Wolverine (comics)

Question 5: The price for leaving, as laid out by Initiative operative ________, is to have S.P.I.N.
Avengers (comics)TaskmasterWolverine (comics)Great Lakes Avengers

Question 6: The first Komodo is one of the New Men, creatures evolved by the ________ from a lizard.
Stan LeeHigh EvolutionaryQuicksilver (comics)Jack Kirby

Question 7: Komodo is the name of two fictional characters in the ________ Universe.
Marvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel Entertainment

Question 8: She stole Connors' regenerative lizard serum, modified it to her own ________ and administered it to herself.


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