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Komatiite: Quiz


Question 1: ________ lavas normally have eruption temperatures of about 1100 °C to 1250°C.
Flood basaltBasaltGraniteIgneous rock

Question 2: Modern (post-2004) interpretations of some of the larger olivine adcumulate bodies in the ________ have revealed that the majority of komatiite olivine adcumulate occurrences are likely to be subvolcanic to intrusive in nature.
Gawler cratonYilgarn CratonAustralian ShieldMusgrave Block

Question 3: Proximal volcanic facies are thinner and interleaved with sulfidic sediments, black shales, cherts and tholeiitic ________.
BasaltFlood basaltIgneous rockLava

Question 4: The often rarely preserved flow top ________ and pillow margin zones in some komatiite flows are essentially volcanic glass, quenched in contact with overlying water or air.
BrecciaImpact craterImpact eventMeteorite

Question 5: Primary (magmatic) mineral species also encountered in komatiites include olivine, the pyroxenes augite, pigeonite and bronzite, plagioclase, chromite, ________ and rarely pargasitic amphibole.
TitaniteIlmeniteRutileHeavy mineral sands ore deposits

Question 6: The higher melting temperatures required to produce komatiite have been attributed to the presumed higher ________ in the Archean Earth.
Enhanced geothermal systemGeothermal gradientGeothermal electricityGeothermal power

Question 7: Komatiites are associated with nickel and gold deposits in ________, Canada, South Africa and most recently in the Guiana shield of South America.
JamaicaAustraliaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 8: Part of the evidence that komatiites are not magnesium-rich simply because of cumulate olivine is textural: some contain spinifex, a texture attributable to rapid ________ of the olivine from a magnesium-rich melt.
DistillationSublimation (chemistry)CrystallizationRecrystallization (chemistry)

Question 9: Komatiite volcano morphology is interpreted to have the general form and structure of a shield volcano, typical of most large ________ edifices, as the magmatic event which forms komatiites erupts less magnesian materials.
Flood basaltIgneous rockBasaltLava

Question 10: The factor controlling the mineral assemblage is the partial pressure of ________ within the metamorphic fluid, called the XCO2.
Carbon dioxideCarbon sinkCarbon cycleGreenhouse gas


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