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Question 1: After the decline of Kola, an ancient settlement which gives its name to the peninsula, the major port of the region has been ________, which is also the administrative center of Murmansk Oblast.
VolgogradMoscowMurmanskSaint Petersburg

Question 2: Apart from the Russian Pomors, the peninsula is also home to the Sami peoples, who were forced to settle in the town of Lovozero during the ________ years, and who now herd reindeer across much of the region.
MarxismSocialismCommunist stateCommunism

Question 3: During the Soviet period, Murmansk was a significant submarine production center, and remains home to the ________.
Russian Northern FleetBaltic FleetRussian NavyPacific Fleet (Russia)

Question 4: The rivers of the peninsula are an important habitat for the ________ Salmo salar, which return from Greenland and the Faroe Islands to spawn in fresh water.
Atlantic salmonRainbow troutChinook salmonCommon carp

Question 5: Terrestrial Ecoregions Kola Peninsula Tundra on ________
Canadian GeographicGeographical (magazine)National Geographic (magazine)National Geographic Society

Question 6: At the end of the ________ C.E., the peninsula was settled only by the Sami people, who did not have their own state and lived in clans ruled by elders.
7th century6th century5th century1st millennium

Question 7: It borders upon the ________ in the north and the White Sea in the east and south.
Baltic SeaKara SeaBarents SeaArctic Ocean

Question 8: The peninsula is covered by ________ in the south and tundra in the north.
Temperate broadleaf and mixed forestsTaigaDeserts and xeric shrublandsTropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests

Question 9: ________ conducts mining operations on the peninsula.
MMC Norilsk NickelRosneftSeverStalPolyus Gold

Question 10: The Kola Peninsula (from Sami Guoladat; Russian: Кольский полуостров, Kolsky poluostrov) is a peninsula in the far north of Russia, part of ________.
Leningrad OblastSaint PetersburgMoscow OblastMurmansk Oblast


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