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Question 1: This debate has been ongoing since the first ape sign language experiments with the ________ Washoe in the 1960s.
Common ChimpanzeeChimpanzeeBonoboHuman

Question 2: [1] Others argue that she does not understand the meaning behind what she is doing, but learns to complete the signs simply because the researchers reward her for doing so (indicating that her actions are the product of ________).
ReinforcementOperant conditioningBehaviorismB. F. Skinner

Question 3: Although not unique, Koko is one of the few non-________ known to keep pets.
HumanHomoMindHuman evolution

Question 4: In the ________ episode "The Maid," George wants the nickname T-Bone but when he does not get it he throws his arms up in anger and gets the nickname Koko instead.
Jerry Seinfeld (character)SeinfeldElaine BenesCosmo Kramer

Question 5: Koko was also the inspiration for Amy the talking ape in the ________ novel Congo, and for Sophie from The X-Files episode Fearful Symmetry.
Jurassic ParkMichael CrichtonER (TV series)The Lost World (Crichton novel)

Question 6: Koko is referenced in ________ episode 10, season 3, when Sheldon compares teaching Penny a little physics with Koko's learning of language.
SpainFranceThe Big Bang TheoryCyprus

Question 7: Patterson claims that Michael, a gorilla who lived with Koko for several years, also developed a broad vocabulary of signs, over 600, but did not become as proficient as Koko before his ________ in 2000.
ImmortalityDeathBurialDeath and culture

Question 8: Koko was the subject of the 1978 ________ Koko: A Talking Gorilla, directed by Barbet Schroeder.
Documentary filmPolitical cinemaDirect CinemaCinéma vérité

Question 9: Hashalaba of the Harvard Institute believes that Koko's use of signs, and her actions consistent with her use of signs, indicate she has mastered the use of ________.
VideophoneVideo Relay ServiceAmerican Sign LanguageSign language

Question 10: Other well-known signing apes include chimpanzee ________ and the orangutan Chantek.
Nim ChimpskyAnimal languageGreat ape languageLanguage

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