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Question 1: While the historical records and myths are written in a form of Chinese with a heavy admixture of Japanese elements, the songs are written with ________ used to convey sounds only.
Seal scriptKanjiSimplified Chinese charactersChinese character

Question 2: Along with the ________, the myths contained in the Kojiki are part of the inspiration behind Shinto practices and myths, including the misogi purification ritual.
Japanese mythologyInari OkamiJapanese dragonNihon Shoki

Question 3: The Kojiki is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the islands of Japan, and the ________.
Inari OkamiKamiJapanese mythologyIzanagi

Question 4: The first and best-known English ________ of the Kojiki was made by the renowned Japanologist Basil Hall Chamberlain.

Question 5: The "Nakatsumaki" begins with the story of ________, the first Emperor, and his conquest of Japan, and ends with the 15th Emperor, Emperor Ōjin.
Emperor AnneiEmperor ItokuEmperor KaikaEmperor Jimmu

Question 6: In the ________, Motoori Norinaga studied the Kojiki intensively, the results of which were published in his Kojiki-den ("Kojiki commentary").
Edo periodBakumatsuTokugawa YoshinobuTokugawa shogunate

Question 7: Kojiki (古事記 ?, "Record of Ancient Matters") is the oldest extant chronicle in ________, dating from the early 8th century and composed by Ō no Yasumaro by Imperial request.
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan

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