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Kohen: Quiz


Question 1: Kohanim enjoy an honored status in ________, with certain designated rights and responsibilities.

Question 2: Specifically, this kohanic settlement region stretched from the Bet Netofa valley, through the ________ region to Arbel and the vicinity of Tiberias.

Question 3: The Israeli Rabbinate will also not perform such a marriage and hence a kohen cannot legally marry a divorced or converted woman (for example) in the ________, although a foreign marriage would be recognized.
GreeceUnited StatesIsraelArmenia

Question 4:
What mountain range is Kohen a part of?
20 nautical miles
20 - 400 m
Mortars = 2 - 20 km

Question 5: Because Aaron was a member of the Tribe of Levi, all kohanim today are ________, by direct patrilineal descent.

Question 6: [32] Since all direct male lineages share a common haplotype, testing was done across sectors of the Jewish population to see if there was any commonality among their Y ________.
AutosomeChromosomal translocationKaryotypeChromosome

Question 7: The Rambam (________), the leading figure of Jewish law, does say however in The Guide for the Perplexed that the entire concept of the priestly caste (i.e.
MaimonidesSoulAverroesThomas Aquinas

Question 8: The daughter of a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father, while halakhically Jewish, is prohibited from marrying a kohen according to the Shulchan Aruch, reiterated by Rav ________.
Elazar ShachEruvYeshivaMoshe Feinstein

Question 9: כוהנים, kohanim or cohanim) is a Jew who is in direct patrilineal descent from the Biblical ________, older brother of Moses, and so comprise a family dynasty within the larger Jewish Levitical tribe.
AaronIsaacEnoch (Biblical figure)Abraham

Question 10: For hundreds of years since the period of the ________, kohanim performed many duties as commanded in Torah.
TabernacleJudaismKabbalahChristianity and Judaism

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