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Koenigsegg: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Which of these is a Koenigsegg product?
Military pistols
Healthline Navigator
Processor IP; Physical IP
Sports cars

Question 3:
Who of the following is a key person at Koenigsegg?
Toshiyuki, Hirata, President
Christian von Koenigsegg
Girlie M. Aragon,
Ambulance Corps Director Commander Winifred Maye D.M.

Question 4:
When was Koenigsegg founded?
March 1994
1994 in Canada

Question 5: This enables the power of the CCXR to rise to 1,018 hp (759 kW), when run on a mixture of 15% regular gas and 85% ethanol, known as ________.
BiofuelE85Ethanol fuelFlexible-fuel vehicle

Question 6: ________'s record was set on Volkswagen's own test-track Ehra-Lessien, which features a 5.6 mi (9.0 km) long straight.
MaseratiBugattiCosworthAlfa Romeo

Question 7: [4] However, he took his first steps in the world of business in his early 20's running a trading company called Alpraaz in ________.

Question 8: The first customer took delivery of a red CC 8S in 2002 at the ________ and four more cars were built that year.
North American International Auto ShowFrankfurt Motor ShowGeneva Motor ShowLA Auto Show

Question 9: Apart from developing manufacturing and selling the Koenigsegg line of supercars, Koenigsegg is also involved in "green technology" development programs, including the CCXR ("Flower Power") ________ supercar.
Plug-in hybridFlexible-fuel vehicleAlternative fuel vehicleEthanol fuel

Question 10: The shield has been the family's ________ since the 12th century when a family member was knighted by the German-based Holy Roman Empire.
Coat of armsRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandUnofficial emblem of TurkeyRoyal coat of arms of the United Kingdom


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