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Question 1: Following the 1867 ________ the island became part of the United States; Americans settled there and engaged in hunting and fox farming.
William H. SewardRussian AmericaAlaska PurchaseEduard de Stoeckl

Question 2: The ________ and the king crab are native to the island.
Kodiak BearBrown BearElkGrizzly Bear

Question 3: [4] The biological impact was far worse overall than that of the ________ in 1989.
1964 Alaska earthquakeExxon Valdez oil spillAlaska Native Claims Settlement ActAlaska

Question 4: The island was also hit by the 1964 ________ and tsunami, which destroyed much of the town.
Russian America1964 Alaska earthquakeAlaska1925 serum run to Nome

Question 5: The largest community on the island is the city of ________.
Sitka, AlaskaFairbanks, AlaskaKodiak, AlaskaUnalaska, Alaska

Question 6: ________ is a volcano 100 miles (160 km) northwest of Kodiak Island that erupted in 1912: the largest eruption in the 20th century.
NovaruptaMount TamboraMount KatmaiMount Pinatubo

Question 7: These male concubines are called Achnutschik or Schopans'" (________ in his Terminal Essay, after Holmberg, Langsdorff, Joseph Billings, Choris, Yuri Lisiansky and Marchand)
One Thousand and One NightsSamuel BakerRichard Francis BurtonIslam

Question 8: Kodiak Island is a large island on the south coast of the U.S. state of ________, separated from the Alaska mainland by the Shelikof Strait.
AlaskaUnited StatesWashingtonNorthwestern United States

Question 9: ________ were disrupted and visibility was nil.
Amateur radioRadioMicrowaveRadio broadcasting

Question 10: ________, in all stages of life, were destroyed by the eruption and its aftereffects.
SalmonChinook salmonCrab fisheriesWild fisheries


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