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Koch's postulates: Quiz


Question 1: However, Koch abandoned the universalist requirement of the first postulate altogether when he discovered asymptomatic carriers of ________[1] and, later, of typhoid fever.
Pathogenic bacteriaPlague (disease)CholeraVibrio cholerae

Question 2: Koch's postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causal relationship between a causative microbe and a ________.

Question 3: Asymptomatic or subclinical infection carriers are now known to be a common feature of many infectious diseases, especially viruses such as polio, herpes simplex, ________ and hepatitis C.
Safe sexAIDSHIVHIV and AIDS misconceptions

Question 4: The third postulate specifies "should", not "must", because as Koch himself proved in regard to both tuberculosis and ________,[2] not all organisms exposed to an infectious agent will acquire the infection.
Plague (disease)Typhoid feverVibrio choleraeCholera

Question 5: Koch applied the postulates to establish the etiology of ________ and tuberculosis, but they have been generalized to other diseases.
Pathogenic bacteriaICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAnthraxDiphtheria

Question 6: The postulates were formulated by ________ and Friedrich Loeffler in 1884 and refined and published by Koch in 1890.
Ilya Ilyich MechnikovRobert KochWillem EinthovenPaul Ehrlich


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