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Question 1: or, on the contrary, reinforced in some other economic fields, by the creation of ________ around centres of knowledge, such as universities and research centres.
Business clusterSkyscraperBusiness parkNew town

Question 2: The key problem in the formalization and modeling of knowledge economy, is a vague definition of ________, which is a rather relative concept.

Question 3: In this book, Drucker described the difference between the manual worker (page 2) and the ________.
Knowledge marketKnowledge workerKnowledge managementKnowledge economy

Question 4: Various observers describe today's global economy as one in transition to a "knowledge economy", as an extension of an "________".
Information economyInternet EconomyInformation societyKnowledge market

Question 5: For example, it is not proper to consider ________ as interchangeable with knowledge society.
Information economyInformation societyKnowledge marketInternet Economy

Question 6: ________ — markets and products are more global.
World Trade OrganizationInternational Monetary FundASEANGlobalization

Question 7: It can remain dormant or make a commercial breakthrough (see ________).
Information Routing GroupCentral mediaDiffusion of innovationsHierarchical incompetence

Question 8: ________ and Connectivity – developments such as the Internet bring the "global village" ever nearer.
Wide area networkTelecommunicationComputer networkingVirtual private network

Question 9: The phrase was popularized if not invented by ________ as the title of Chapter 12 in his book The Age of Discontinuity[1].
Joseph SchumpeterManagementPeter DruckerAustria

Question 10: ________ - New media increases the production and distribution of knowledge which in turn, results in collective intelligence.
New media artNew mediaMass mediaDigital media

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