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Know Nothing: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Know Nothing have?
Loving the Alien
Look What Happened

Question 3: In 1849, an oath-bound secret society, the Order of the Star Spangled Banner, was created by Charles Allen in ________.
New York CityBrooklynManhattanNew York metropolitan area

Question 4: The key to Know Nothing success in 1854 was the collapse of the ________, brought about primarily by the demise of the Whig party.
Andrew JacksonWhig Party (United States)John Quincy AdamsSecond Party System

Question 5: Fear of Catholic immigration led to a dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party, whose leadership in many areas included ________ Catholics.
Scottish AmericanGerman AmericanIrish AmericanItalian American

Question 6: Mainly active from 1854 to 1856, it strove to curb ________ and naturalization, though its efforts met with little success.
Immigration to EuropeImmigration to SpainImmigrationImmigration to the United Kingdom since 1922

Question 7: ________
American Civil War69th Infantry Regiment (United States)Spanish‚ÄďAmerican War71st Infantry Regiment (New York)

Question 8: The immigration of large numbers of Irish and German ________ to the U.S.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPopePope Gregory I

Question 9: Fillmore did not win enough votes in Pennsylvania to block Democrat ________ from the White House.
John C. CalhounGeorge M. DallasJames BuchananMartin Van Buren

Question 10: The Whig party, weakened for years by internal dissent and chronic factionalism, was nearly destroyed by the ________.
American Civil WarBleeding KansasKansas‚ÄďNebraska ActAbraham Lincoln


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