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Question 1:
When did Knots Landing first air?

Question 2:
Who played Lilimae Clements the telemovie Knots Landing?
Lisa Hartman
Tonya Crowe
Michele Lee
Julie Harris

Question 3:
When did Knots Landing last air?

Question 4: Laura and Ciji became best friends, which prompted the insecure Richard to fear the women were having a ________ relationship.
Third genderHomosexualitySexual orientationLesbian

Question 5:
Who played Claudia Whittaker the telemovie Knots Landing?
Kathleen Noone
Kim Lankford
Tonya Crowe
Lynne Moody

Question 6:
Who played Laura Avery the telemovie Knots Landing?
Michelle Phillips
Constance McCashin
Tonya Crowe
Constance McCashin

Question 7:
Who played Valene Gibson the telemovie Knots Landing?
Stacy Galina
Joan Van Ark
Joan Van Ark
Julie Harris

Question 8:
Who of the following starred in Knots Landing?

Question 9:
Who played Sid Fairgate the telemovie Knots Landing?
Don Murray
Larry Riley
James Houghton
Alec Baldwin

Question 10:
Who played Peter Hollister the telemovie Knots Landing?
Hunt Block
Alec Baldwin
James Houghton
Hunt Block

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