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Question 1: Knismesis can also be triggered by crawling ________ or parasites, prompting scratching or rubbing at the ticklish spot, thereby removing the pest.

Question 2: The gargalesis type of tickle works on ________ and primates, and possibly on other species.
Human evolutionHumanHomoMind

Question 3: This type of tickling generally does not induce laughter and is often accompanied by an ________ sensation.

Question 4: [2] In a famous example, described in ________'s Shark!, it is possible to tickle the area just under the snout of a great white shark, putting it into a near-hypnotic trance.
Jaws 2Jaws (film)Peter BenchleyJaws (novel)

Question 5: [2] The knismesis phenomenon requires low levels of stimulation to sensitive parts of the body, and can be triggered by a light touch or by a light ________.
Maxwell's equationsElectric chargeMagnetic fieldElectric current

Question 6: Knismesis and gargalesis are the scientific terms, coined in ________ by psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Arthur Allin,[1] used to describe the two types of tickling.


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