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Knin: Quiz


Question 1: Knin rose to prominence twice in history, as a one-time capital of both the Kingdom of Croatia and briefly of the unrecognized, and now defunct ________.
Republic of Serbian KrajinaOperation StormCroatian War of IndependenceBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 2: In the vicinity of today's Knin was once a town called Burnum, which served as an ________ and Roman military camp in the 1st century BC.
Illyrian languagesSlavic peoplesThracian languageIllyrians

Question 3: Knin is mentioned in the 10th century in the history of ________ as the centre of a parish.
Romanos INikephoros IILeo VI the WiseConstantine VII

Question 4: Knin passed on to the Habsburgs together with ________ in 1797 according to the Treaty of Campo Formio.
Split (city)CroatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaDalmatia

Question 5: The huge 10th century ________ Knin Fortress on Mt.
High Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 6: Its strategic position played an important role in many wars and power changes — beginning with the Croatian rulers in Kingdom of Croatia, then the ________, the Venetians, the Turks, to the Austrians and the French.
Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryKingdom of HungarySrijem CountyHistory of Hungary

Question 7: Other sports played in Knin are rugby, handball, volleyball, kickboxing, ________, tennis and taekwondo.
Okinawan martial artsAikidoMartial artsKarate

Question 8: They played against ________ in 1999 where Croatia won the match 78:68.
GreeceArmeniaIsraelUnited States

Question 9: [1] Between the 10th and the 13th century, Knin was a notable military ________.
Defensive wallCastleCity gateFortification

Question 10: Subsequently, the Croatian population partially returned and the ________ built a monastery and a church there in 1708.
FranciscanCarmelitesCatholic religious orderDominican Order


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