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Question 1: Also, in an endgame without other pieces, two knights have a better chance against a queen than two bishops or a bishop and a knight against the queen (see ________).
ZugzwangFortress (chess)Swindle (chess)Chess endgame

Question 2: For this reason, a knight is most effective when placed in a weakness in the opponent's ________, i.e.
Chess strategySicilian DefenceChessPawn structure

Question 3: In either case, a disadvantage of the knight (compared to the other pieces) is that by itself it cannot lose a move to put the opponent in ________ (see triangulation and tempo), while a bishop can.
Bobby FischerPawnless chess endgameZugzwangChess endgame

Question 4: In ________ and endgame studies, the letter S, standing for the German name for the piece, Springer, is often used, N instead being used for the popular fairy chess piece, the nightrider.
Induction puzzlesLogic puzzleChess problemDissection puzzle

Question 5: It is normally represented by a ________'s head, leading some to refer to it informally as a "horse".
DonkeyEquus (genus)HorseArabian horse

Question 6: The knight ( ) is a piece in the game of ________, representing a knight (armoured cavalry).
Bobby FischerWorld Chess ChampionshipChessAlexander Alekhine


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