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Question 1: Other orders were established in the ________, under the influence of the orders in the Holy Land and the Crusader movement of the Reconquista:
Iberian PeninsulaSpainPrehistoric IberiaHispania

Question 2: The Franco-British legend of King Arthur was popularised throughout Europe in the Middle Ages by ________ in his Historia Regum Britanniae ("History of the Kings of Britain"), written in the 1130s.
BedeGeoffrey of MonmouthHistoria BrittonumVortigern

Question 3: the ________, founded by Philip III, Duke of Burgundy in 1430
Juan Carlos I of SpainHouse of BourbonCharles II of SpainOrder of the Golden Fleece

Question 4: ________ established about 1100
CrusadesArmeniaOrder of Saint LazarusParis

Question 5: the Order of the Elephant, which may have been first founded by ________, but was founded in its current form by King Christian V in 1693
Christian II of DenmarkJohn of DenmarkChristopher of BavariaChristian I of Denmark

Question 6: Knights are generally armigerous (bearing a ________), and indeed they played an essential role in the development of heraldry.
Royal coat of arms of the United KingdomRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandCoat of armsUnofficial emblem of Turkey

Question 7: After the Crusades, the military orders became idealized and romanticized, resulting in the late medieval notion of chivalry, as reflected in the ________ romances of the time.
King Arthur's familyKing Arthur's messianic returnKing ArthurHistorical basis for King Arthur

Question 8: ________, a similar class in Middle Eastern history
Bahri dynastyAyyubid dynastyMamlukMongol Empire

Question 9: ________, a similar class in Indian history

Question 10: the Order of the Garter, founded by ________ around 1348
Richard II of EnglandEdward II of EnglandEdward III of EnglandEdward I of England

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